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Printmaking with Solarplate is a simple approach and a safer alternative to traditional etching and relief printing. Our ‘Original’ Solarplate is the first light sensitive polymer discovered and perfected by a printmaker for artists.  The steel backed plate, hardens with Ultra Violet light and is developed in water.  No acids or solvents are necessary to produce fine quality art and photography.

Solarplates are manufactured in Japan.

18 x 24 plates may be cut to your specifications. For convenience and less waste, specific sizes have been selected for you and are being offered as packs. The custom cut prices are available under “Shop” –> “Shop Solarplates.” Due to the required ‘trim cut,’ sizes are slightly smaller than the listed dimensions and are named “(Almost).”

We are currently in the processes of upgrading our cutting procedures and acquiring factory-cut smaller sizes, which will be available in several months.

Solarplate polymers are designed to be flexible. The unexposed plate surface is soft and can be damaged with moisture during plate handling or from foreign matter on the film. Plates should be handled carefully so as not to damage the its surface and there is a frosted plastic covering which must be removed before exposure.

Solarplates are carefully packaged with lightproof wrapping. Any damage should be reported promptly to the shipper and Hampton Editions Ltd. at the address listed under “Contact Us.”  Plates should be handled with protective gloves, especially to keep moisture from the surface as well as safety reasons.

Inks may be removed immediately after printing with various mineral oils. Stubborn areas may be washed with a detergent (Dawn) and the washout brush.   Oil is easily cleaned with solvent (mineral spirits) in a well ventilated area.  Akua inks and Calico Water Wash Inks are wonderful…however…. After washing, blot the plates dry and post expose AGAIN.

Unused Solarplates should be stored in the original shipping container in a cool, dry place ](68*-72*F) is ideal, away from localized heat sources such as radiators, heating vents, or pipes. Avoid heat at all costs. Windows  in the plate making and storage areas should be covered with UV-protection. The manufacturer recommends that plates should be used within 9 months of receipt, however we have seen the green plates last for years.

Inquire about custom sizes by using our ‘Custom Cut Request Form’: ‘Shop’ -> ‘Shop Solarplates’ -> ‘Custom Cut Request Form.’

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