Pack of (12) Solarplates Slightly Smaller than 4 x 5


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Printmaking with Solarplate is a simple approach and a safer alternative to traditional etching and relief printing. Solarplate is a prepared, light-sensitive polymer surface on a steel backing, developed for artists to produce fine prints.

All Solarplates are made in Japan


Solarplate resins are designed to be flexible. As a consequence of this, the unexposed plate surface is soft and can be damaged during plate handling or from foreign matter on the film. Plates should be handled carefully so as not to damage the plate surface. Solarplates are carefully packaged with interleaf papers and placed in a corrugated box. Packages should be inspected upon receipt for damage during transportation. Any damage should be reported promptly to the shipper and Hampton Editions Ltd. at the address listed under “Contact Us”. Plates should be handled with protective gloves.  Clean oil from the solarplate in a well ventilated room by using a drop of Dawn dish detergent and the Solarplate brush with a tiny amount of water.   Oil is easiest cleaned with solvent (mineral spirits).  Akua inks and Calico Water Wash Inks are wonderful…however…. If you wash the ink from the Solarplates with Dawn dish detergent and water, (recommended) you must blot the plates dry and post expose AGAIN.  Post expose if washing with water, or your plates will deteriorate and crack.

Raw Solarpaltes should be stored in the original shipping container in a dry place at standard room temperature (68*-72*F) and protected from exposure to light and away from localized heat sources such as radiators, heating vents, or pipes. Under no circumstances should the storage temperature of Solarplates exceed 80*F. Humidity of the storage area should not exceed 60% RH. Solarplates are sensitive to ultraviolet light. Windows and room lights in the plate making and storage areas should be covered with UV-protected wrapping. Plates should be used within 9 months of receipt.

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